The Arete Experience

The Arete Experience is a 3-day intensive course offered in a small group setting. Participating in the Arete Experience is a first step on a path of having more of what you truly want.

During the Arete Experience you and the other participants will have a remarkable opportunity to see yourselves as others see you. In the same way that a mirror allows you to see a blind spot, this community experience shines light on areas in your life that may be just out of your view. You will be shown how to recognize the ways you interact with people which are in tune with your values, and capture the impact you have on others.

Top 5 Benefits from Doing the Arete Experience:
1. Greater self-understanding and acceptance
2. Freedom to be yourself in any situation
3. A deeper level of intimacy and connection with others
4. Freedom from unconscious behaviors
5. A greater sense of peace and well-being

To attend a free informational introduction click here: Introduction Calendar

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